Deco Tayberry : Tile of the Year 2020

Original Style and 2LG Deco Tayberry Tile of the Year 2020 in a beautiful blush bathroom setting

You may remember this time last year when I went on a tour of the Original Style factory in Exeter. If you missed that post, you can read it here. I love a good factory tour and I found it really insightful to see where the collections are designed, how they are made and even how they are styled and shot for marketing purposes. While I was there, I got to see some of the preparations for the photoshoot for the Tile of the Year 2019 announcement. I wrote about that over on the Warehouse Home blog and you can read it here.

Russell and Jordan of 2LG Studio holding the Deco Tayberry Tile of the Year 2020 from Original Style

Well, a whole year has passed since then, which means the announcement has just been made for Tile of the Year 2020. This year, Original Style has teamed up with the formidable design duo 2LG Studio. Jordan Cluroe first appeared on our design radar in 2013 when he shot to fame following his appearance on the very first series of The Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC2. Together with his husband Russell Whitehead, Jordan runs 2LG Studio, which is a super successful interior design studio. The talented pair also dabble in product design and have done some really impressive collaborations over the last few years with the likes of Ercol, John Lewis of Hungerford, Graham & Brown, Floorstory and Custhom to name a few.

Original Style and 2LG Deco Tayberry Tile of the Year 2020 provide the background for this beautiful blush concrete basin from Kast.

Their latest collaboration with Original Style is the Deco Tayberry tile collection. The sophisticated and sumptuous design is part of Original Style’s Winchester collection of handcrafted English tiles. Designed in-house at the Exeter factory, Deco Tayberry is handcrafted by skilled artisans using the age-old screen printing method which, alongside its reactive inks, means each kiln produces a different effect, so no two tiles are the same.

Russell and Jordan, who designed this beautiful bathroom setting, are renowned for their colourful and audacious interior style so the Deco Tayberry Collection is the perfect reflection of the interior design movement towards a more playful and adventurous use of colour in our home interiors.

Vibrancy through colour is beginning to play a big part in interior schemes. It’s exciting to see people being bolder with their interior choices and during 2020 we’re expecting to see people integrate more statement designs through greater injection of personality and individuality.

Deco Tayberry was designed with this movement in mind. Its heritage-pink glaze encourages the embrace of colour which, when paired with its Deco pattern inspired by the luxury and modernity of art-deco design; provides a dramatic yet sophisticated edge. Alongside its inherent rustic nature, these tiles are wonderfully characterful providing an authentic and distinctive style

Jane Addis, Original Style’s New Products & Design Manager
Original Style and 2LG Deco Tayberry Tile of the Year 2020 used as a bathroom backsplash with a Kast concrete basin

As interior designers, we approach our projects with one eye on the past and the other on the future. Deco Tayberry is the perfect representation of this motto. Square in format and with an arch motif, this gorgeous tile is a contemporary twist on classic tiling. Moving forward from the currently popular ‘millennial pink’, Tile of the Year’s blush and berry tones provide a softer approach, embracing the new heritage trend.

Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, 2LG Studio
Original Style and 2LG Deco Tayberry Tile of the Year 2020 with berry coloured wall mounted bathroom tap

What do you think of the Deco Tayberry collection as Tile of the year 2020? I think it’s a really beautiful and versatile design and I can easily see it being in used in bathroom, kitchens and even living rooms. In fact, it would be a stunning addition to a utility room as well.

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