Looking for a new signature scent? Phlur has a fragrance for every mood

Our absolute favorite place to buy scents right now is Phlur. The female-owned and led brand is known for intoxicating unisex perfumes that evoke all sorts of emotions. No matter how you’re feeling, there’s a Phlur fragrance to match your mood. And friends, if you aren’t tapping into the sense of smell to elevate your everyday experiences, you’re missing out big time. 

Keep scrolling to find a Phlur perfume that fits your mood perfectly. All prices are for the 50-ml size, though 9.5-ml travel versions are also available. Each fragrance is made (and packaged!) sustainably from super high-quality ingredients to create unique and long-lasting scents. 

For when you’re feeling nostalgic

Missing Person, $96

Credit: Phlur

What it smells like: Musk, bergamot and sandalwood

Phlur’s most viral scent is famous for literally bringing people to tears. The hashtag #phlurmissingperson has almost 25 million views on TikTok, with a ton of clips featuring people crying as they try Missing Person for the first time. There’s something about the floral musk aroma that brings to mind old, treasured memories and loved ones. It’s sort of how you might imagine a fond memory would smell — delicate, sheer and familiar.  

For when you’re feeling playful

Mood Ring, $96

Credit: Phlur

What it smells like: Dragonfruit pulp, fruit gummies and marigold bloom

If Willy Wonka wore perfume, Mood Ring would 100% be his scent of choice. The fruity, floral fragrance makes us feel like we’ve bathed in a rainbow of sugar and sweetness. It’s packed with orange zest and flowers, jasmine sambac, marigold blooms and more to create an aura that’s vibrant and invigorating — but not too sweet. Spray it on when you’re already in a great mood, or use it to instantly give yourself a boost. 

For when you’re feeling like the main character

Tangerine Boy, $96

Credit: Phlur

What it smells like: Tangerine, apple and moss

This zesty, joyful scent will make you the absolute center of attention. Tangerine Boy is all about citrus and spice, with top notes of lemon and ginger to really get your juices flowing. Tangerine (duh), jasmine, amber and green moss add more sensual undertones to the overall bright and energetic vibes. Wear it on days when you’re really feeling yourself. 

For when you’re feeling adventurous 

Lost Cause, $96

Credit: Phlur

What it smells like: Cassis leaves, Italian bergamot and lily of the valley

It’s not always possible to escape reality when that feeling of restlessness and wanderlust hits. With Lost Cause, you can at least close your eyes and imagine you’ve been transported somewhere new. The fresh, woody, floral scent gives the sense that you’re in a lush forest far from home. Apple and rhubarb mix with freesia, jasmine, vanilla orchid and muguet blossoms to satisfy your need for adventure. 

For when you’re feeling sensual

Not Your Baby, $96

Credit: Phlur

What it smells like: Cardamom, mimosa and tonka beans

Bring out your inner seductress with this spicy floral scent. It’s full of sexy, alluring notes like bergamot, cardamom, violet, vanilla musk and sandalwood. Whether you’re getting ready to spend time by yourself or with a partner, Not Your Baby will help you create a delicious feeling of sultriness and mystery. 

For when you’re craving a beach day

Solar Power, $96

Credit: Phlur

What it smells like: Bergamot, jasmine and sea salt

No matter what the weather is like outside, Solar Power will take you straight to the beach. The floral scent evokes sun, sand, saltwater and everything else that’s wonderful about the sea. Citrus notes come from bergamot and Italian red mandarin, while neroli, jasmine and orange flower add beautiful blooming freshness. We’ll definitely be reaching for it during the coldest depths of winter. 

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